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    Monday's Crochet Smorgasbord

    Monday’s Crochet Smorgasbord


    Monday’s Smorgasbord for Country Willow Designs. I am excited to be back from my long hiatus. I suffered from extreme depression and I am finally on the path to recovery. Thanks to all that supported me during this time. 

    So, this weeks Smorgasbord consists of many free crochet patterns from some very talented designers. Some can be used as gifts, Christmas presents, and home decor.





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    Tuesday's Crochet Tutorials

    Tuesday’s Crochet Tutorials – WK 2

    Tuesdays Crochet Tutorials


    Tuesday’s Crochet Tutorials are a great way to find some unique tutorials. Some you may have seen and maybe others you haven’t and will want to give them a try.

    Most tutorials are very informative and show you step by step on how to do them. With pictures, videos and written.

    This week 2 of Tuesday’s Crochet Tutorials we have some pretty cool design stitch patterns you could use to make many, many, different things.


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    Tuesday Tutorial with Meladoras Creations


    On Tuesday Tutorial we will be learning a new stitch with Meladoras Creations.  The crochet stitch tutorial is the Shining Star Stitch.  This would truly make some beautiful crochet garments, household uses (dish cloths etc…), blankets and throws. Think of the ways you could use this crochet stitch.  Can you think of one?

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