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    Designer Showcase

    Divine Debris – Designer Showcase

    Designer Showcase

    Divine Debris is this month featured designer. For the month of August, I will be sharing many patterns from Divine Debris. Follow us this month to see some of Amber’s designs.
    So, who is Divine Debris?  Her name is Amber Millard. “I’m a 30 something designer living in North Carolina, for now at least, with my Marine husband. I love coffee, comic books, reading, watching movies with awesome female protagonists, and Bob’s Burgers.”

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    Tote Bags

    Arianna Project or Tote Bag

     Adrianna Project Tote

    Hello everyone!!  It’s been a while since I have posted but I was sick again!! Bronchitis, stomach bugs….yuck! I hope all is well with everyone.

    So, this pattern I designed for Battle of the Stitches Competition using this Starburst Stitch. The stitch is absolutely beautiful and what transpired was the Arianna Project /Tote Bag. I didn’t win, but I do love the final project.  Please stop in and thank Kate Wagstaff @ Crafting Friends Designs for the awesome times we have and all the great patterns that come from this competition.

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