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    Arianna Project or Tote Bag

     Adrianna Project Tote

    Hello everyone!!  It’s been a while since I have posted but I was sick again!! Bronchitis, stomach bugs….yuck! I hope all is well with everyone.

    So, this pattern I designed for Battle of the Stitches Competition using this Starburst Stitch. The stitch is absolutely beautiful and what transpired was the Arianna Project /Tote Bag. I didn’t win, but I do love the final project.  Please stop in and thank Kate Wagstaff @ Crafting Friends Designs for the awesome times we have and all the great patterns that come from this competition.

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    Tutorial Tuesday – The Crossed DC Stitch – with Charmed By Ewe

    This week on Tutorial Tuesday I want to introduce Pattern- Paradise and the tutorial Crossed Double Crochet.  I love this stitch and it can be used a lot. I use it in many of my designs and it is a pretty easy stitch to learn.
    Tutorial Tuesday – The Crossed DC Stitch – with Pattern- Paradise
    I would love to see what you ladies and gents make out of this stitch.  It would make a nice throw, maybe a sweater, coasters, the possibilities are endless.  Please share your wonderful projects so I may share them with the world!

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    Tuesday's Crochet Tutorials, Tutorials

    Tutorial Tuesday – Crochet Boxed Puff Stitch – My Picot

    I don’t know how you all feel about these puff stitches, but I just love them.  You can use all these stitches and make some beautiful, unique pieces. Today on Tuesday Tutorial, we are again, going to visit my picot and learn this Boxed Puff Stitch. I love learning all these new stitches and, trust me, I do everyone that I post. I find them amazing.

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