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    Mystery CAL Part 1 of Designers Potpourri CAL

     Mystery CAL of Designers Potpourri Cal

    Hi everyone, long time.  First of all, I need to say sorry to everyone because of my aloofness.  I have been sick fighting high sugar, which we all know is scary.  While doing this, I developed Vertigo.  Anyone that has had this knows it isn’t fun.
    Onto the fun part, I am doing a 3 part Mystery CAL.  By the second part, you will be able to guess what I am doing.  Maybe the first part, who knows.  I am sure it will be fun though.

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    Monday's Finds

    Monday’s Find – Skylark Scarf from Jessie At Home

    Good Morning everyone!  The Country Willow has found this beautiful Skylark Scarf from Jessie At Home.  This scarf is unique in the way it was designed.  “It is made at an angle, a little off kilter, and a little wider than most scarves, making it a cross between a scarf and a wrap. There is a diagonal stripe of contrasting color every several rows. Skylark is sure to get attention wherever you go!” Jessie

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