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    Teal and Tassels – A Free Crochet Pattern



    Is anyone out in the crochet world getting presents ready for Christmas? I have this brand new pattern made using bulky yarn and it’s a messy bun hat. I love teal and tassels, hence the name.  It’s a fun hat that works up super quick, you could make so many for Christmas in so many colors!  Let me know what you make out of this, as I would love to see the color combinations. Share it with The Country Willow!

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    Infinity Scarves

    Across The Sea Crochet Scarf

    Across The Sea Infinity Scarf
    Welcome back to The Country Willow!
     Today I am offering you this beautiful, free Across The Sea free crochet pattern for you to enjoy.  This mirrored scarf measures 10 inches wide by 66 inches long.
    I made this using cotton yarn in Turquoise and Emerald.
    Perfect for that cold winter day or even that beautiful brisk Spring day.

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    Free Crochet Pattern –  The Messy Bun Hat (MBH 101)

     Messy Bun Hat

    I don’t know of anyone that hasn’t really seen this style of hat….The Messy Bun Hat (MBH 101)It’s a craze and I don’t know why.  The MBH has been around for ages.  I made one in 2011 called the Swizzler’s Hat/Ponytail Hat/ Cowl all in one pattern.

    I decided I might as well join the 100’s of seasoned designers and amateur designers and do one of my own! Make these Messy Bun Hats for those joggers in your life, maybe for the one who wears their hair up a lot in the winter, and maybe even the winter sports enthusiasts.

    There are many people who love these hats.


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