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    2017 Winter Blog Hop, Amy Cherisse Winter Collection, Hats

    ACWC Scoodie Free Crochet Pattern

    acwc scoodie

    Hi everyone and welcome back.  For the 3rd part of this series, the ACWC Free Pattern is this Scoodie. I ran a poll on my group page and this is what ya wanted (some of you anyway) a scoodie.

    I love this series and I still will make a poncho and shawl for the rest of you that wanted that.  I really wish that the poll had more participants because I want to make everyone happy and their voice heard.

    This ACWC Scoodie is also going to be added to 2017 Annual Holiday Blog Hop.

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    CAL, Infinity Scarves

    Free Crochet Pattern Wayward Scarf


    Wayward Scarf


    Good Morning and welcome to the Country Willow! I am always excited to have something new for you.  Today I am offering you this free crochet pattern The Wayward Scarf. This scarf was made using Mandala Yarn.  Can I tell you I was afraid of using this yarn until finally decided to use it? I was afraid the stripes were going to be all wrong.  Read more

    CAL, Hats

    Bohemian Winter Hat –  Week 3 of Designers  Potpourri CAL


    Bohemian Winter Hat


    Bohemien Hat

    Ok , I am sharing this pattern with you all that are participating in the Designers Potpourri CAL. The Bohemian Winter Hat is made from the bottom up.  This is the 2nd pattern for all you wonderful followers!  I loved working this set and I am super excited to see all the finished projects.

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    Shelbi Hat- Free Child Size Pattern

    Shelbi Hat

    Introducing the Shelbi Crochet Hat.  This hat is made using the spiral design at the top and point sts and sc around the sides. The sizes on this hat are 6 months to Adult. I am offering ONE SIZE for free. In Ravelry you will find additional sizes for sale.


    This is my favorite hat to date.  I love the spiral at the top and the open stitches on the side. This hat would look amazing in all colors.  Read more

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