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    Amy Cherisse Winter Collection, Infinity Scarves

    ACWC Scarf



    Here is the second offering of the Amy Cherisse Winter Collection (ACWC Scarf) I am having fun and I want to thank everyone who participated in my group as to what you want next.

    The 3 items I will be making are a shawl, poncho and scoodie. I have started the shawl for you all. I am hoping to have it done in the next week.

    I am loving this collection because of the stitches, and just how universal they can be. This stitch can be used for anything and it would be beautiful!

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    Infinity Scarves

    Free Crochet Pattern Lauren’s Way Scarf


    Hi Everyone and Happy Easter to you all! I am happy to bring to you this beautiful Free crochet scarf  Lauren’s Way.

    This open lace makes this look elegant.  It is made with cotton yarn and perfect for those cool spring days.

    I am finding that I love these scarves.  I have never really been a scarf person until I discovered designing. 

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    Infinity Scarves

    Across The Sea Crochet Scarf

    Across The Sea Infinity Scarf
    Welcome back to The Country Willow!
     Today I am offering you this beautiful, free Across The Sea free crochet pattern for you to enjoy.  This mirrored scarf measures 10 inches wide by 66 inches long.
    I made this using cotton yarn in Turquoise and Emerald.
    Perfect for that cold winter day or even that beautiful brisk Spring day.

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    Infinity Scarves

    Free Pattern- Rollin Scallop Roll Infinity Scarf

     Rollin Scallops Roll Infinity Scarf
    I feel like I haven’t produced enough last week because of a craft fair I went to.
    Now I am back with this new infinity scarf The Rollin Scallop Roll pattern just for you all.
    I love making scarves, especially infinity scarves.  This scarf rolls with scallops and keeps rollin, hence the name.  
    I think everyone will enjoy making this as much as I did.

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    Free Crochet Pattern – Bobbin Along Scarf


     Bobbin along scarf
    Hi , everybody!!  So glad I am back to offer you another free crochet pattern for you all.  This Bobbin Along Scarf will be a great addition to your Winter accessories. The scarf can be worn many different ways of your choosing. I received this yarn from Red Heart. It’s Baby Hugs Light. I love how soft it is and it is a great yarn to work with.

    Looking at the scarf I am sure you all know where the name came from.  I really would like to make some slippers with this pattern.  What do you think?  Maybe some slipper boots? Wouldn’t that keep your toes nice and toasty.  I used double treble stitches and the Bobble stitch for this.  I love the way the stitches compliment each other.  I would love to hear from you, maybe offer up some suggestions, maybe just to say HI!! 🙂 Read more

    Infinity Scarves

    Free Crochet Pattern – Rouge Infinity Scarf


    Rouge Infinity Scarf
    This will be my last free crochet pattern for the month of February.  I will be back in later months.  The Rouge Infinity Scarf is probably my favorite yet.  I love the color and the design. I used Coral as the color. It’s beautiful and the scarf has texture. Infinity scarf measures 9 inches wide and 58 inches long

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    CAL, Hats

    Bohemian Winter Hat –  Week 3 of Designers  Potpourri CAL


    Bohemian Winter Hat


    Bohemien Hat

    Ok , I am sharing this pattern with you all that are participating in the Designers Potpourri CAL. The Bohemian Winter Hat is made from the bottom up.  This is the 2nd pattern for all you wonderful followers!  I loved working this set and I am super excited to see all the finished projects.

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