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    Willows Delight Hat – A Free Crochet Pattern

    Willow’s Delight – A Free Crochet Pattern

    Good morning everyone and Happy Saturday!!


    Willow's Delight Hat




    I am introducing to you my latest hat The Willow Delight Hat.  This hat is made with super bulky yarn and perfect for those cold winter days.

    The Willows Delight hat fits from 21-23 inches. You could even add more colors to the hat and the possibilities are endless.

    I would love to see this hat is every color of the rainbow. Colors make me happy!! ♥


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    Gail Marie’s Terracotta Scarf- A Free Crochet Pattern

    Gail Marie's Terracota Scarf
    So I went yarn shopping last week and came across this Heather Yarn from Premier Yarns Deborah Norville Collection. I have to tell you all, it is so very soft and doesn’t split like some softer yarns do.  I am impressed and so I decided to make the Gail Marie’s Terracotta Scarf. I love this scarf so much.  It’s very easy with quite simple repeats for you all. Best of all it is a free crochet pattern!

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