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    Fingerless Gloves, Round ups

    Crochet Fingerless Gloves ~ 12 FREE Crochet Patterns

    !2 Free crochet fingerless gloves


    These free fingerless glove crochet patterns are compiled by Rhelena from Crochet Pattern Bonanza – a free crochet pattern directory consisting of over 7000 free patterns.
    Fall is just around the corner, which means the temperatures are soon going to drop again. And that means it’s time for fall accessories such as fingerless gloves to keep you nice and cozy. The great thing about fingerless gloves is that they can be crocheted up rather quickly and also make for great gifts for everyone

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    Mystery CAL Part 1 of Designers Potpourri CAL

     Mystery CAL of Designers Potpourri Cal

    Hi everyone, long time.  First of all, I need to say sorry to everyone because of my aloofness.  I have been sick fighting high sugar, which we all know is scary.  While doing this, I developed Vertigo.  Anyone that has had this knows it isn’t fun.
    Onto the fun part, I am doing a 3 part Mystery CAL.  By the second part, you will be able to guess what I am doing.  Maybe the first part, who knows.  I am sure it will be fun though.

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    Monday's Finds

    Monday’s Find-A Free Crochet  Pattern Peaked Shells Afghan from Crafting Friends Designs

    Peaked shells afghan -
    Here is a simple, quick, and full of texture project for you from Crafting Designs Friends.   The  Peaked Shells Afghan is this week’s Monday’s Find.  I try to mix things up for you and I love that I found this.   Kate Wagstaff is known for her beautiful afghans.  Have you worked any of hers up?  They truly are beautiful.  If you get a second, also check out the baby items that Kate has designed.

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    Babies & Toddler Tops

    Good Golly Miss Molly 12 Months Crochet Top – Free Pattern

    Good Golly Miss Molly

    Introducing Good Golly Miss Molly 12 months crochet top a free pattern to make for you baby girl! This top would look awesome paired with leggings or a diaper cover.  The top is adorned with shells and the bottom has a beautiful flair to it. 
    I am hoping that one day my daughter will put some of these on their little girls if they have one.  Looks like boys are the common these days. 

    Woodlands Critter  Series- Nadie The Fox- A Unisex Sweater-A Free Crochet Pattern


    I am excited to offer you this Woodland Series Fox Sweater Pattern as the first pattern in this series.  Keep your eyes appealed for more to follow, including the Owl, Raccoon, Bear and Deer. I have always wanted to do this series and now it has become a reality.  This fox sweater fits child 6-12 Months, with chest size measuring 20 inches.  The rest of this series will be offered to email subscribers only!

    Woodlands Critter  Series- Nadie The Fox- A Unisex Sweater-A Free Pattern



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