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    Infinity Scarves/Wraps/Cowls/Ponchos

    Crocheted Scarf – Autumn Red

    Crocheted Scarf – Autumn Red was designed using the beautiful Autumn Red yarn from Caron’s Simply Soft.  The openness of this scarf is perfect for the fall when it’s a bit chilly but not extremely cold.

    Crochet Scarf Autumn Red


    The other thing I like about this Crocheted Scarf – Autumn Red is the kind of floral trellis look it has going on. I love making crocheted scarves and anything crocheted at all. It looks like crochet is making a comeback and this makes me happy! Read more


    Crochet Earwarmer Pattern – Three’s and V’s


    Crochet Earwarmer Pattern -Three’s & V’s

    Crochet Earwarmer Pattern -Three’s & V’s is for the one in your life that doesn’t like the cold or hats. A jogger or runner who doesn’t like wearing hats!  How about someone like me who is middle-aged and has hot flashes. lol I refuse to wear a hat.




    You may want to wear this in the Fall, Winter or Spring. You could use cotton yarn or a lightweight yarn if you wanted something lighter.




    Crochet Earwarmer Pattern-Threes and V's




    Read more