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    Free Crochet Pattern-Three Season Poncho

    Three Season Poncho

    I have finally completed a project.  I want to introduce the Three Seasons Poncho. This free poncho pattern is made of #2 fine cotton.
    It is very lightweight and you can wear this Summer, Fall, and Spring. Myself I could wear the Three Season Ponch in the winter as a coat. I hate being warm. What about you?  When would you wear this?

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    Neverending Love Poncho ** New Release**

    Never ending Love Poncho



    I am excited to be releasing this pattern.  This was my design that had one fan favorite in the Battle of the Stitches using the Soloman’s Knot and I can now offer you this single pattern.
     I will be offering this pattern on sale for 3.00 for the rest of this month.  The pattern fits from child to adult.  You can get the pattern here

    If you like this poncho, please add it to Ravelry here.


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