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Bernat Satin

    Amy Cherisse Winter Collection, Infinity Scarves

    ACWC Scarf



    Here is the second offering of the Amy Cherisse Winter Collection (ACWC Scarf) I am having fun and I want to thank everyone who participated in my group as to what you want next.

    The 3 items I will be making are a shawl, poncho and scoodie. I have started the shawl for you all. I am hoping to have it done in the next week.

    I am loving this collection because of the stitches, and just how universal they can be. This stitch can be used for anything and it would be beautiful!

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    Infinity Scarves

    Free Crochet Pattern – Rouge Infinity Scarf


    Rouge Infinity Scarf
    This will be my last free crochet pattern for the month of February.  I will be back in later months.  The Rouge Infinity Scarf is probably my favorite yet.  I love the color and the design. I used Coral as the color. It’s beautiful and the scarf has texture. Infinity scarf measures 9 inches wide and 58 inches long

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    Forget You Knot Katie-A Free Crochet Pattern

    Forget Me Knot Katie

    Forget You Knot Katie Scarf

    Welcome back! Today Country Willow Designs has this great Forget You Knot Katie scarf to share with you.
    I am so glad to be offering you this free crochet scarf pattern,  I made this in honor of my mother, who passed away in August. She just loved all the things I created and was my most loyal fan.  In this pattern, I used the Forget Me Knot stitch pattern that I found in a very old crochet book.
    I love the color of this yarn, along with it’s softness and great stitch.

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