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#2 lightweight yarn

    Baby Dresses

    Azalia Baby Dress – A Free Crochet Pattern

    Azalia Baby Dress


    Azalia Baby Dress

    ©Sheri Weber/Country Willow Designs


    Hi, and welcome back to Country Willow Designs, where I have for you a new free crochet pattern, The Azalia Baby Dress. 

    I made the Azalia Baby Dress a little larger than normal, it is 24 months, but I am going to try and do other sizes.  Please comment on the sizes you would like to see.

    This dress is perfect for Spring, it is very lightweight.  It is made with #2 fine Premier Cotton Fair, and I love the look and feel of this and it drapes so nicely. 



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    Free Crochet Pattern-Three Season Poncho

    Three Season Poncho

    I have finally completed a project.  I want to introduce the Three Seasons Poncho. This free poncho pattern is made of #2 fine cotton.
    It is very lightweight and you can wear this Summer, Fall, and Spring. Myself I could wear the Three Season Ponch in the winter as a coat. I hate being warm. What about you?  When would you wear this?

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    Milan Summer Wrap – Free Crochet Pattern


    Milan Summer Wrap - The Country Willow


    Hi everyone and thank you for being here. I decided to make another Free crochet wrap for you all to enjoy. This wrap is so soft, stylish and cozy.

    Pair it with jeans or for an evening out on the town. The Milan Summer Wrap is practical and comfortable. I would imagine this would look astonishing in any color. 

    This would make a beautiful Mother’s Day Present. Read more


    Summer Swag Wrap – A Free Crochet Pattern

    Summer Swag Wrap

    Welcome and hello….I hope you all had a wonderful Easter.  I know I did, I spent it with my family!  It’s so nice when we all get together.
    So, my newest design is this lightweight, luxurious, lacy wrap for those cooler Summer days and nights.
    The Summer Swag Wrap is an easy pattern for you all to enjoy.  It is made with fine cotton to make it very lightweight and gratifying to wear anytime you need just a touch of warmth.
    This would look cute in an ombre yarn or even a shimmering yarn. 

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    Infinity Scarves

    Spring Kisses Infinity Scarf- Free Crochet Pattern

    Spring Kisses Infinity Scarf.
    Hi everyone and Happy Saturday.  I am releasing this new Spring Kisses Infinity Scarf today as a free pattern.  I used #2 weight Premier Cotton Fair Yarn to make this lightweight Spring scarf for you to enjoy.   The pattern is easy and the repeats are easy to follow.  I hope you have fun and share your photos with me.

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